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There a very many modern pc games out there. As a result, avid gamers and enthusiasts are snapping up gaming pc in a bid to stay in step with the trends. When planning such a device, you have to be clear what a store specifically offers as well as what its price range is. Our local stores have attractive deals and service that has drawn praise from former customers and the industry in general.

Buying a gaming pc is relatively easy. There are many avenues for making such a purchase, with the obvious one being your local store. The internet has also spawned a monumental number of outlets where you can access these machines and arrange for shipping. As a result, it is always a good idea to make an informed choice regarding what you want to purchase because different gaming stores provide different products as you move across the board. Our local store has a solid record of accomplishments in the gaming market as well as service that has spanned over two decades. This following information explains why it would help a lot more if you made purchases from our local outlets.


20-Year Reputation

Our local stores have been in the gaming industry for the last twenty-five years.

They have facilitated the sale of a massive number of units over time. As a result, there have been changes in various departments involving restructuring. All these steps have taken place in a bid to create the ideal platform for our customers to access the best gaming computers the industry has to offer. With experience comes reputation, and this credit is fully deserved.


Longer Warranty

Different outlets that offer gaming computers will have stipulated warranty duration

Normally, it is between 6 and 12 months. Bisconti Computers however provides conveniently longer warranties for its customers to extend service and delivery. For example, we make an exemption for custom builds and set our warranty for *2yrs.


Local Support

Buying from us ensures that you can simply walk in and obtain whatever help you need.

Face-to-face communication is a direct way of handling business and ensures a different level of interaction and satisfaction. In addition to localized help, we have remote support services for those physically removed from the stores.


Perfection in Construction

A great deal of care and detail foes into assembling a gaming pc and this is where we take pride in.

Our cabling methods ensure that your device has excellent airflow and performs to its maximum potential. A look at one of our customized machines will take you by surprise: it strikes you as less of a pc and more of a work of art.


knowledgeable Staff

When professionals have been in the industry for 25 years, they definitely know a lot about their area of expertise.

Our members of staff are A+ certified and therefore very thorough and professional. You will get the opportunity to obtain the services of some of the best gaming minds around. This will give you a chance to obtain advice before actually making a purchase.