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computer repair near me

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Rockford’s Largest Independently Owned Computer Sales and Repair in Rockford IL

“We are Problem Solvers”

Looking for the best computer repair near me in Rockford IL? We have techs ready to fix your computer. We get to work the same day your computer comes in. We don’t waste any time. Bring your computer in today, and get a call same day or the next.

computer repair near me
custom gaming computer near me

Custom PCs

laptop repair near me

Laptop Repair

desktop repair near me

Desktop Repair

server repair near me

Server Repair

tablet repair near me

Tablet Repair

iPhone repair near me

iPhone Repair

custom gaming computer near me

Custom PCs

laptop repair near me

Laptop Repair

tablet repair near me

Tablet Repair

desktop repair near me

Desktop Repair

server repair near me

Server Repair

iPhone repair near me

iPhone Repair

computer repair near me

Computer Repair Near Me in Rockford IL

Broken and slow-performing devices can grind productivity down to a halt for big and small companies. Bisconti Computers can get business booming again.

We Can Fix It!

Computer Repair Near Me

Computer Networking

For home and office or home office. Bisconti can configure and setup your network for best data performance across wired or wireless.

Computer / PC Repair Near Me

Our techs have seen it all: liquid damage, failed hard drives, bad RAM, corrupt operating systems, encrypted files, cracked screens, broken hinges, failed batteries, and much much more.

Virus & Spyware Removal

Has your computer been compromised? We clean and repair broken Windows daily. We can clean your computer and make it faster!

Gaming PC

Our certified techs know gaming. Whatever you're looking for: Liquid cooling, performance, high resolution, best frames per second (FPS)

Hard Drive Repair

Is your computer making noises it's never made before? Could possibly be a Hard Drive failure. Our experienced technicians can repair and restore your computer and data. Even if your drive won't spin. Our clean house recovery is the best in the industry.

Connectivity Troubleshooting

Having trouble staying connected? We can fix it.

Screen Repair

Cracked screen or picture issues. We have the experience to diagnose and repair any screen related issue.

Battery Replacement

Is the battery is your unit dying? Has it swollen or starting bulging? Aged or failing batteries can cause all sorts of damage. Bisconti is your home for laptop repair.

Cracked Screen

Accidents happen, but that's why Bisconti is here to help make it right with your laptop repair.

Boot Failure Issues

Is your PC not loading. Are you spending hours watching a spinning wheel. We can help! Our experienced techinicians can troubleshoot

Water/Liquid Damage

Accidents happen, Bisconti is here when they do. Computer and laptop repair is our specialty. We've seen and heard it all. At least that's what it seems like.

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We Can Fix It Almost
As Fast As You Can Break It.

Broken mobile phone screen, computer running slow? We’re here to help repair your priceless equiptment. From full PC builds to virus removal, trust Bisconti Computers to fix it.

computer repair rockford
computer repair rockford

Unable to work? Your Computer Freezes?

We’ll Help You Get Back To Work.
Fast and Qualitatively.

Why Choose Us?

local repair

Local Repairs

We don’t ship out or outsource our repairs. Just walk in to get your tech back to perfect.

certified technicians

Certified Technicians

We don’t ship out or outsource our repairs. Just walk in to get your tech back to perfect.

over 25 years experience

Over 25 Years Experience

When it comes to your tech, you want the very best! We offer the quality care you deserve. Computer Repair Rockford IL.

honest and dependable

Honest and Dependable

We give options when repairing your computer may not be the best option.

data recovery

Whether it‘s personal photos or work projects, your files are too important to lose.

We Offer Date Recovery From Your Failed Hard Drive

What Problems

Can We Fix For You?

desktop, laptop, tablet, and server repair
cracked screen repair

Cracked Screen

Cracked screen replacement services are both fast and affordable.

liquid damage repair and recovery

Water Damage

We will perform a diagnostic to determine the extent of the damage.

speaker and sound repair

Speaker Not Working

You may be in need of a speaker repair or replacement.

signal service repair

No Signal

When you are experiencing weak signal or no signal.

buttons or keys not working

Buttons Not Working

If buttons on your device are malfunctioning or broken.

battery replacement

Dead Battery

Bisconti Computers performs professional battery replacements.

professional website design

Update your existing website or create a new website for your business.

Power Your Brand. Grow Your Audience. Stand Out Online.

Brands We Repair

We repair almost any brand for mobiles, tablets and computers

lenovo, apple, dell, vaio, alienware, acer, samsung, lg
computer repair rockford