Virus, Malware, Trojan Removal


Software is a big part in every day computer use. Unfortunately, the software on our computers does not always work properly. Most issues can be narrowed down to once of the following:

  • Virus infection
  • OS Corruption
  • Fake AntiVirus
  • Failed Windows Updates

If you are experiencing an issue with any of the above, do not attempt to repair it yourself. For inexperienced users, there is a large risk of creating a larger problem than you already have. To prevent data loss or corruption we recommend calling a computer expert to have your computer diagnosed and have the issue resolved.

Virus Removal

Bisconti Computers provides you the best virus remove services, as well as detection and most importantly prevention for your computers. The biggest question when opening e-mails or surfing the net is whether or not the content is virus-laden. Viruses can do anything – from stealing your personal or business information to simply slowing down your system to the point of non-functionality. Bisconti Computers covers the A-Z of virus removal services, from our Internet security suite to onsite virus remove services from your hard drive.

OS Corruption

When your computer is not operating properly: Windows not loading or not shutting down, downloading updates, WiFi not working, losing internet connection, not returning from standby, sleep issues, etc. These can all be a sign of file corruption within Windows. File corruption can be cause by a number of different things and not one specific. Does file corruption mean that you will lose your personal files, NO. In most cases, your files have not been modified or lost. In the event that your computer is not working properly from file corruption, contact a computer expert right away and do not attempt to repair the issue yourself to prevent further damage to Windows.

Fake AntiVirus

Fake virus alerts are some of the most annoying pop ups that can raid your computer and make it unusable in most cases. These are usually part of a scam that tries to make you believe that your computer is infected and have you buy the fake solution (usually a fake anti-virus program) that the scam artist is selling. The best thing to do in this case is not to panic and keep your credit card tucked away. If you already bought into the scam and tried to purchase the fake anti-virus with your debit or credit card, call your bank as soon as possible to have the card cancelled.

Failed Windows Updates

Failed updates can be caused by a number of different issues. Generally, a failure of updates is from some sort of file corruption within Windows. These file corruptions can be from: Virus infections, failed updates, corrupt updates, improper shutdowns, etc. If you are having issues installing updates or your computer is constantly asking to install updates every time you shut it down, call Bisconti Computers today.

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