Laptop Motherboard Repair

The system board (also known as the motherboard or main board) is the heart and brains of your laptop. Replacing a system board is an expensive undertaking and you may not have to. Bisconti Computers is there to help because we understand motherboards, through our 19+ years of experience.

Many problems can be related to your system board. Our technicians are experts in electronics and system board component repair. Ask the laptop experts at Bisconti Computers for help and find out how we can save you money.

Symptoms of motherboard problems

  • No power

  • Power but no boot

  • Over heat

  • Shut down

  • Blue screen

  • Random power off

  • No sound

  • No video

  • No charge

  • Do not recognize devices, do not recognize hard drive, CD-ROM, keyboard, digital cards.

  • Bad BIOS chip

  • Cannot install OS/software

  • No Wireless and no Ethernet (LAN)

  • Bad PCMCIA port, bad USB ports, bad printer port

  • Shut down/hang when moved

  • AC adapter turns off when plug in


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