Laptop LCD Screen Repair


Is there something wrong with your Laptop LCD Screen? Your laptop LCD screen could be cracked or displaying wrong colors, you might have a flickering screen, or the backlight may no longer work. The pixels on your laptop screen may have died.

Whatever the problem, our technicians will be happy to provide fast laptop screen repairs.

Symptoms of laptop LCD damages that Bisconti Computers can repair and fix include:

  • Broken Laptop LCD Screen
  • Vertical or Horizontal Lines
  • Dim Laptop LCD Screen
  • Flickering Laptop LCD Screen
  • Faint images on your LCD
  • No Laptop video image
  • Faded laptop LCD

LCD damage is usually caused by hard impacts to your laptop. Remember, the LCD is a very sensitive and fragile piece of equipment. Even the slightest amount of pressure on your Laptop LCD can cause it to break.