Bisconti Computers is happy to announce a new service to keep your Computer running efficiently and keep you safe online.

Bisconti PC Protection

“My THANKS to Bisconti .. had a problem with my laptop .. definitely my problem called them and great guy named Phil fixed it online .. GREAT SERVICE!!!” – Thomas L.

Website Protection

Stops access to malicious websites before its too late. Preventing an attack is priority #1.

Managed Anti-Virus

Protecting your files is important. We always make sure your anti-virus is running and up-to-date.

Daily Health Checks

Making sure everything is running at top performance.

Every Package Includes
Unlimited FREE Diagnostic Check-ups

No more having to pay for diagnostics when your computer needs a check-up. If your having an issue that can’t be fixed by a phone call, just bring it in and we’ll figure it out!

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Local USA Based Techs!

Our technicians are located right here in our hometown of Rockford, IL. Never worry about being connected with someone outside the US. Our local techs are knowledgeable and provide the same amazing support and service that you have come to know and depend on. We know working with someone you can trust is key. Connecting with someone you can walk into our store and meet is the first step.

Managed Anti-Virus

Know your safe with Professionally monitored Anti-Virus! Never have to worry about your anti-virus expiring or being out of date. If there’s an issue we will know. In addition, we keep you safe from dangerous websites trying to steal your passwords and personal information! Our service will block access to insecure sites that attempt to install viruses and steal information. If you have a question or something shows up you don’t understand, call us! With your permission, we can connect to your system and see what exactly is happening and help!