Looking for Apple Repair? Look No Further!

Is your mac slow?

Will your Mac Not turn on?

Is your screen cracked on your iPhone or iPad?

Are you getting the dreaded “Folder With A Question Mark”?

Bisconti Computers has Apple staff capable of repairing any issue. If you live in the Greater Rockford area and are having problems with your Mac or Apple device, look no further!

We are a local-area computer service center that offers Apple computer repair and support. Our technicians can help you with any hardware and software problems that you may have for OS X, OS Classic, and previous Mac operating system versions. We offer support for the iMac, Mac Pro, Mac Mini, Macbook, Macbook Pro, iPad, iPhone, iPod, iPod Touch, Apple G4, G5, iBook, and PowerBook series computers.

We know your data is very important, and most times is un-replacable. Here at Bisconti Computers, we have some of the most advanced techniques for backing up and /or recovering your valuable data. While most repair centers will tell you “We have to reload your machine and you will loose everything”, we work diligently at keeping you from losing any data and also educate you on backup solutions for the future, while still moving forward on your repair.

Most repairs At Bisconti Computers have a low flat rate cost. This means even though our techs are working non-stop to resolve your issue, you only pay a minimal fee that is pre-quoted to you during the repair process to save you money.

Bisconti Computers offers every customer free lifetime support on any mac that is purchased through our company. So whether your new to Mac OS X or have been a Mac user for years, as soon as you have a question, Bisconti Computers support is only a phone call away. Need more assistance, or out of town and need help? Bisconti Computers can remote mange your machine with a little help from you. So wherever you are, we are there with you.

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