Adware Removal

The internet is rife with deception. Sure, there are good products out there, but the problem is that malicious people have uncanny ways, which they apply in making things look legitimate. Take for instance, the case of adware. Sometimes after downloading software from the internet, you start seeing changes on your device. A new toolbar comes on and changes your browser settings. A new homepage replaces the one you were used to, and your computer looks hijacked and gives you limited choices when it comes to the internet. Most people do not understand that this is a case of adware takeover. There is a strict difference however, between adware and viruses, so running your anti-virus will only offer limited help.


A little about adware

As indicated earlier, a piece of adware is not a virus, but a program that comes embedded in applications you download from third party websites. When it gets to your device, it does not request permissions like a regular piece of software would do. It simply positions its payload to take over your browsing activities such that you have no control over your own browser settings and every time you change them, there is a reversal on the next startup. This is usually a gimmick by unethical advertisers and program developers. They want to popularize their software, and you just happen to be naïve enough to indulge them. Not to worry, this program will go a long way if you make use of an adware remover, another piece of software. However, it has to be done by a professional, and it happens to be one of the many services we offer.

Why it needs a professional

Well, it is the internet, and it offers many adware remover tools. They are numerous and they promise many things, but many users have endured the heartache of downloading tool after tool that promised a lot but offered nothing more than annoyance. For example, most of these so called ‘magic’ adware remover tools will install and when you are just about to run them, a message pops up telling you that it is a trial version and therefore you need to pay to activate its adware removal functionality! In the worst-case scenario, these downloads may turn to be malicious software that could break your device completely. You will therefore need the services of a top professional, because they know their way around; the software pieces to use, the ones to avoid and what protocols to implement to get your device working well again.


Adware behaves in confusing ways. For example, most do not install as applications, so the ‘uninstall a program’ option will not work. Removing the start page from your browser will not help much either, it will simply crawl back. We however have a trick or two that will get you back on track.

Apart from deals on adware remover tools, we give a 30-day warranty with our repairs, providing you with the surety that you can always come back within the month if your device develops a problem. Whenever we are making any repairs, you can actually monitor the progress we are making with your device from a tablet, a computer or a smartphone.