As a business owner, or individual who uses their PC for work/leisure, Windows 10 is the latest version which has been produced by Microsoft. With this said, there are always a few kinks and bugs which have to be worked out with any new platform. And, Windows 10 is no different, right? Of course there are certain issues which people have been complaining about, which are probably going to require a few test runs and updates, prior to having them worked out of the system. With this said, it is best to give it some time prior to updating.


Common issues/complaints with Windows 10

As was the case with Vista, Windows 7, Windows, 8, and other platforms (including Linux and Apple/Mac), there are a few common bugs which have to be worked out of the latest Windows version as well. These are a few of the common issues/complaints users who have already upgraded, and developers, have noted to date.

1. Activation issues

Believe it or not, people are having problems activating the new platform when upgrading from Windows 8. Once it is installed, users aren’t able to get the product activated. Worst of all with this issue is the fact that there is nothing that can be done about the issue at the present time. The good news, the issue typically resolves itself after a few minutes, with most users who have complained of this problem.

2. App Problems

Sure, Windows 10 apps are cool and new, but many users have experienced problems with these new apps. Many are slow to load, won’t load, and many which do open, will automatically crash on users during the middle of use. What can be done? One solution is to try closing the app by clicking or tapping on the X icon and then re-opening it. If this doesn’t resolve the issue, it might be best to uninstall apps, then reinstall them through the apps store.

3. Folder failure

Users who have made the transition from 8 to Windows 10 claim that in the email app folder, Windows 8 is far superior to 10. The email app with 10 doesn’t allow users to create sub-folders when trying to separate their email messages. Most people aren’t that upset about the bug, but for those who get hundreds of work and personal emails daily, it might be something that eventually becomes a big concern. With this said, developers are already working on the problem.

4. Complaints with connection issues

Wi fi cutting out, and not reconnecting, is a complaint many users are having with Windows 10 as well. Rebooting is a possible solution; in fact, this has been quite common across all Windows platforms (since Vista and 7). Disabling wi-fi, and then enabling it again is a fix for some, which makes the signal a bit more reliable, but for others, it hasn’t done the trick.

These are a few of the bugs which Windows still has to work out. The platform is new, and users should expect issues to arise, it is in the test phase. So, for those who are using the Windows platform for work, communicating via email, or other important tasks, updating right away might not be the best option. Rather, try waiting it out a few weeks, see what issues are resolved, then make the jump over. Not only will this eliminate some of the common issues users are currently complaining about, it also allows developers to troubleshoot other issues which are on the horizon, and repair them, so that once new users do download Windows 10, it should be smooth sailing.