You may find yourself wondering – is my laptop, tablet, or cellphone screen cracked or scratched or neither? Whichever way you look at it, this is an unfortunate scenario. The worst part is, you can never know for sure how to fix the problem until you have determined with certainty what the problem is to begin with. Whatever the actual problem might be, the implications will vary when it comes to repair needs and potential for further damage. This is why it is important to know how to identify whether the screen problem you are seeing is a crack, a scratch, or even something else entirely such as panel damage.

Cracked Laptop Display

Cracked Laptop Display

How To Know If Your Laptop, Tablet, Or Phone Screen Is Cracked Or Not

Does The Touch Function Still Work?

Sometimes you wonder, what would have happened to cause this on my screen, is it a scratch, a crack, or something else? Part of the reason you might not be sure what exactly is ailing your screen might be that your gadget, especially a touchscreen-based device, is still in perfect working order. Unfortunately running your finger over the damage might not give you the answer you are looking for – a deep scratch would be indistinguishable from a hairline break. That said, if your screen has stopped working, then you can be fairly certain that you are dealing with a crack.

How Does The Damage Progress Over Time?

Both cracks and scratches are reflected on the screen layer that lies underneath. This adds to the confusion that comes with differentiating a scratch from a crack. However, if the damage seems to increase over time, in all likelihood, it is possibly a crack. Having a screen protector can make this even harder as a crack on the protective glass cover can be indistinguishable from a screen on the device’s native screen.

Cracked iPhone Display

Cracked iPhone Display

Is There A Point Of Impact On The Screen?

One way of knowing that your screen is indeed cracked and not just scratched is that you will notice a point of impact on the screen, however hidden it might be. If your phone, for instance, has been hit hard by something and has suffered a break, you will typically see a clear point of impact. Such a point on the screen will have a noticeable dent due to some glass pieces falling off during the impact.

How Is The Damage Laid Out

Shatter patterns can also distinguish breaks from scratches. Cracks tend to assume some distinctive design as they occur, which can make them easier to identify. For instance, if your screen was hit by a fairly sharp object, it will have a radiating shatter pattern beginning at the point of impact that can make it clear that you are dealing with cracks and not just several scratches. Scratches tend to occur randomly.

How Is The ‘Scratch’ or ‘Crack’ Displayed

Sometimes, your screen, especially for a laptop screen, may feature a couple of diagonal or horizontal lines that might appear like scratches or hairline breaks. However, neither of these problems might be affecting your screen, as you may be dealing with a damaged panel due to graphics system failure or a faulty video cable. One surefire way of knowing that you have this problem is if the ‘scratch’ or ‘crack’ seems to change its position somehow, or flicker in some way or another.

What You Can Do

Obviously, carrying around a gadget with a damaged screen is not an option if you want your gadget to look stylish and well maintained. On the other hand, the extent of the cracks or scratches might impair your ability to use the device due to limited screen visibility or lack of proper response by the touchscreen. The only solution is to get the screen fixed by a qualified professional, a DIY repair project can go awry and leave you with a bigger problem in your hands. This is why you should come to us if you need to fix your cracked or scratched or otherwise damaged screen so that it looks as good as new.