Here’s how it works
First they make a False claim – They call you and say something like, “Hi I’m from your computer company”, or “Hi I’m from your software company.” Well, I’m sorry to disappoint you but your software and computer company does not really have time for your problems. They are NOT going to call you. I know it sounds cruel but remember they sell MILLIONS of computers and they are NOT going to focus all their resources on you who are tucked away in the corner of the earth. It’s just not reality or even reasonable, of course, if you call someone and initiate a conversation from your end that’s a different set of circumstances.


Second they put Fear in your heart and say something like, “Your computer is broke”, or “You have a virus”, or “I can fix it for you.” Scammers know that fear motivates people and to make things worse in order to heighten that fear even more they will give you a sense of urgency. In other words, they will say that this problem can’t wait; you must take care of it now! Hurry! FYI – Don’t fall for it. Let that fear be your tip off to their scam. If you really need help to calm down from your fear call someone trusted that you know and talk about your supposed computer problem. Sometimes an outside third party friend can see and hear things that you missed and give you a proper or more realistic perspective of what’s happening.

Third they tap your Finances and say something like, “Give me your credit card number and we’ll fix this for you”, or worse “Give us your bank account info and we’ll deduct the amount from your checking.” DO NOT give anyone any information and DO NOT pay. The ultimate goal of these type of scammers is to get your money. That’s what motivates them. They take your money and do nothing but ruin your computer and make it worse or start a problem that was not there to begin with.

One way to expose them is by asking for a phone number and informing them you will call them back. The problem is they don’t have a phone number for you to call. Wouldn’t you think that a LEGITIMATE company would have a phone number for you to call? I have one for my company…and why… because I’m legitimate and I want repeat business. I also have a legit web address and the Scammers don’t! Do not do business with them.

Finally, if you did give them access to your computer they now have the ability to steal all your information contained in your computer. Your life is going to go from bad to worse. And the problems will not stop. NOW your computer really is infected with spyware, viruses and who knows what else the scammer did. If you know of someone that this has happened to tell them to unplug their computer from the internet and turn off their wireless connection as well until the problem is corrected. Bring it to a local computer repair store for an assessment and advice.