If you are looking for a method of cooling your gaming pc, liquid cooling might be the solution. With the unconventional CPU fan, your pc is not only extremely loud, but probably does not cool as much as it should, especially for regular gamers.


Liquid cooling systems do not have these problems. Working similarly to a refrigerator, a liquid is circulated through the computer’s parts. The heat then transfers from the hot components to the liquid. From there hot liquid flows out of the radiator, at which point it is coled down again. It is pumped through and the entire cycle then begins again. So, what are the benefits and drawbacks of this cooling method in your gaming pc? These are a few to consider.

The pros –

With anything, there are pros and cons to consider when purchasing a product. When choosing a gaming pc with liquid cooling, some of the pros include:

  1. It brings down pc temperatures dramatically in comparison to CPU fans and older, dated cooling methods.
  2. It is more efficient and durable than CPU fans.
  3. Silent operation.
  4. The ability to overclock without stability issues on CPU models which are greater than 100W which are supported by liquid cooling systems.
  5. The complexity of the system. Some liquid cooling systems contain temperature sensors and illuminated pipes, so you can monitor temperatures to ensure heat levels stay down.

Basically, the liquid cooling system is the most efficient way to keep your gaming pc cool, especially if it is used on a regular basis, for several hours on end. Further, the no-noise operation gives you optimal gaming conditions, and you don’t have to deal with the loud buzz produced by older CPU fans. As the most efficient cooling method available, this is the ideal solution for high tech gamers, and those who play for longer durations at each seating.

The cons –

Again, there are good and bad things to consider when choosing liquid cooling for your gaming pc. Some of the cons to keep in mind include:

  1. It is the ideal heat dissipation system, but for the beginner or novice, this might not be the right system to choose.
  2. They require technical skills to install, operate, and maintain for the duration of your gaming pc’s life.
  3. They are large and will take up a big area of the gaming space on the computer case. Due to insufficient space on the inside, many of these systems have to be installed outside the computer case.
  4. Ranging from $70, onward to more than $300 for some systems, they are not cheap. The high cost is something which dissuades many buyers considering these systems.

Although they are the premier way to cool your gaming pc, and keep operation as quiet as possible, the large size, technical aspects, and the high price tag, are some of the drawbacks to consider when choosing a liquid cooling system. Prior to choosing this system, make sure you understand all technical requirements, from installation to continual upkeep, that you know which brands are the best quality, and that you can properly maintain these systems, if you do choose them as a pc gamer.