It is always annoying when you computer stops working as it should, specially taking into account most of us don’t have the skills needed to recognize where the problem is or how to repair it. Is it a problem of software or hardware? Do I have a virus? What is a ransomware? How do I replace my graphics card? Not to mention that sometimes, the software we are using might have problems of incompatibility with our operating system that we might not be able to identify without an expert! All in all, if you don’t want to risk seriously messing up your computer, its reparation is best left to experts: that is what our company is for.

With over 25 years of experience in the area of computer repair and maintenance, we take pride in only hiring the most specialized, knowledgeable and efficient informatics experts to be able to take care of your needs in a fast, efficient and reliable manner. We can repair all sort of computers, no matter if they are laptops or desktops and we take care of all the areas: we will repair both software and hardware. While repairs are our specialty we also take care of maintenance and changing hardware pieces, so if you aren’t confident in switching your graphics card by yourself do not hesitate to contact us! We are also happy to give advice on how to restore and get back files or programs that have been lost, how to avoid program incompatibilities or any other issue related to informatics that you might have: simply contact us and we will be happy to put all our means into helping you; after all, our client’s satisfaction is our biggest goal! Just ask our thousands of satisfied clients: you can rely on us.

In addition, we offer a 30 days warranty on our repairs to ensure that your repair will be completed smoothly and without problems: we will give you your computer back working fast, without problems, viruses or bugs or we will repair it again without you having to pay more, and we guarantee with our care and a safe, careful use of your computer this problems will be gone for good! Do not hesitate: we can assure you your computer is in good hands.

So all in all, if you are looking for the best, most reliable, most efficient, most versatile computer repair service on Rockford IL, do not hesitate: bring us your computer and rest assured that no matter the model, no matter the software, no matter the problem that it might have we can and we will find what issues it has and repair them. Contact us right now with your questions, your problems or ask us for a quote and our friendly experts will be really happy to help you to the best of their abilities: after all, the happiness of our clients is always our top priority ! Bring us your computer and join our thousands of satisfied clients!