In the CLOUD

What does the term “Cloud” mean?

Example statements:

Store your files in the Cloud”

Back-up to the Cloud”

Download your music and store it in the Cloud for easy access.”

Watch movies from the Cloud”

Store your DVD movies in the Cloud”


Here’s a simple explanation:

1. The word “cloud” means computer.

  • Whenever you see the word CLOUD replace it in your mind with the word computer.

  • Try it now with the examples from above.

Now let’s add to the statement in number one.

2. The word “cloud” means computer, at another location.

  • This computer is somewhere else. Across town/state/country… but somewhere on this planet.

Now let’s add to the statement in number two.

3. The word “cloud” means computer, at another location, usually accessed by an internet connection.

  • The advantage of having a computer at another location is understood when you realize that you can easily access it over the internet.

What devices do you have that can access the internet?

Phone? Laptop? Desktop? Tablet? Xbox? PlayStation? Wii?

If you have one of these you can access the “cloud”

In other words…

You can access a computer, at another location, through the internet!

In the CLOUD!