Buying a PC can be a pretty big investment, so it’s always important to buy from a store that’s going to support you all the way. Bigger stores are going to be dealing with far more sales than locally owned businesses, so at the very least you’re probably going to notice a lack of customer service from a bigger store. To them, you’re just one of many customers that walk or click into their store every day. The difference with a locally owned business is that you’re going to be getting a tailored service that’s an overall more personal and useful experience.

If you support a locally owned store, you’re directly supporting your community as a whole. You’re helping to keep them in business and to continue being a part of your entire town’s character. Variety is the spice of life, so it’s a really great thing to help support the locally owned businesses in your area and to keep them flourishing. A computer shop’s not only a very useful little store, it’s very characteristic and offers the area a quick solution to all their computing requirements.
The first thing you’ll notice when you buy a computer from a locally owned business is that they’re capable of offering far better customer service. When you’ve got some specific requirements or queries that need addressing, you’ll be in a much better position with staff that actually have the time for your needs. Big businesses sometimes won’t even be able to help you with certain products, seeing as they’re just trying to push as many of anything as possible and don’t actually know enough about the product that they’re selling you.
One of the most beneficial factors involved with your purchases from local businesses is that they’re going to be supportive of local, non-profit organisations. That means that you could be indirectly helping out a neighbor that’s in need of help, and that could just be from you buying something as simple as a new USB cable.
Another important issue that’s raised by big business purchases is that the money involved is far less likely to actually reach other local service providers and businesses. So if you’d like to be supportive of your community’s entire economic structure, it would be very helpful if you supported a local computing shop.
Buying from a locally owned business also benefits the environment. Far more transport is required for the operations involved with big businesses, meaning that they are also contributing all too much to the issues of pollution, habitat loss, congestion and other environmental concerns. These problems are becoming worse and buying locally is a fantastic way to lessen the damage.
It is, however, worth bearing in mind that it’s not always possible to buy everything you need locally. But that doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t all strive to support our local economies.