Once we realize that a back-up solution is absolutely necessary to protect our information and activities, we find ourselves again at a standstill, namely in regard to the desired backup method and the amount that it takes for it to complete. To choose the easiest first step is to define the classification criteria.

You have to think first in terms of the backup / restore speed – how long can you allow the system to operate at low efficiency or even completely blocked while you back up data? In case of an incident, how long can you expect to forfeit access to desired data? Generally, data recovery lasts about as much as the initial backup. Hence, before you choose a backup solution that you want, you must first consider how important your current work is and whether you need to access it in the mean time or not.


Then we must decide on the type of backup that you choose, a complete or selective one.

If you frequently modify data stored in different locations on the hard drive or if you work with many software whose installation is a long and arduous process, the best option is a complete solution for back-up.

A full backup guarantees that, in case of data loss, you can recover all the information and personnel data without having to resort to any 3rd party.

On the other hand, a selective backup solution is most suitable when working with a small number of documents. Thus, we can only save files containing documents that are currently working, and in case of an incident should not expect rebuilding the entire system to access the data.

If virus infections or system crashes are something which you deal with frequently, then you should consider a full backup solution which is the most effective one on the long-term even though it takes longer to complete.

Solutions related to network backup still remain by far the safest and most resistant in time, they offer high storage capacity and integrated mechanisms including data security and back-up special software, designed for ease of use. A network backup made on a dedicated server is far safer than saving the data on a DVD, memory stick or external hard drive. Such solution is given by experts in hard-drives and implies that you won’t lose or damage the content by any means.

Online-based backups take a long period to complete if the data stored on the hard-disk exceeds few gigabytes. This is to be expected since there is a lot of information going through the network, all users wanting to know their data safe and free from any kind of hassle, hence why servers have to accommodate increased traffic at all times.

Currently, servers built even for extreme commercial use cannot accommodate more than few thousand users transferring files at once at maximum speed. Additionally, your current upload speed is another factor which influences files’ transfer.

Therefore, if your upload speed is limited to 17MB/s, you cannot expect to upload 10GB of a data in a matter of minutes. We ask you for patience even in the cases where the backup process takes several hours or even days to complete and reassure you that your data is entirely safe with us.