Repair Center

Repair Center

• Computer dead
• Stuck in a loop
• Computer Virus got you
• Lost Your Data
• Laptop Screen Repair

  Laptops – Computers – Wireless – Networks

Come See Our Ever Expanding Repair Center!

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iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch Repair

iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch Repair

  • Most Phones Repaired Same Day!
    • Reserve Your Position In Line Now – CLICK HERE
  • 6 Month Warranty on All Repairs
  • 20 Years Certified Repair Specialists
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Apple Repair

Apple Repair

Computer and Laptop Repair Rockford IL, Apple Mac Repair Rockford IL

Bisconti Computers has Apple certified staff capable of repairing any issue. If you live in the Rockford area and are looking for an Apple repair center, look no further!

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We Are Problem Solvers

We have professionally served the residents and businesses in the Rockford area for more than 19 years. With a strong customer service focus, we are determined to help our customers by listening to their needs and acting upon those needs in a professional manner. We are your Computer Problem Solvers… Whether you are looking to purchase a personal or business computer, have repairs made, or update your system… Bisconti Computers is able to service all your computer needs.

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Are Apple computers better for graphics designers than Windows based computers?

Posted by admin on Nov 24, 2014

Being a graphic designer, your computer is your most important companion. You are going to invest several hours every day interacting with this device. Creating your newest work of art, making contact with customers, sending invoices, all of this happens on this...

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A Switch And A Router: What Is The Difference?

Posted by admin on Nov 17, 2014

Many individuals do not understand the difference between a switch and router. At first glance, they appear to be similar as they both allow one or more computers to be on a network. In fact, they even look alike. However, they are quite different as they each serve...

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What Is The Difference Between A Router And A Modem?

Posted by admin on Nov 5, 2014

They are perhaps two of the most used networking devices, yet most individuals cannot distinguish between a modem and a router. Both of the devices are similar in appearance although they each have their own specific purpose and have become a necessity in most...

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