There are several different systems involved with charging a battery…

One of the primary systems is the ac adapter.

If the ac adapter fails, then the easiest solution is to replace the adapter. Universal adapters are a great option to replace a broken adapter.

Another system that is involved with charging the battery is the battery itself.

When the battery fails, it also needs to be replaced. Batteries generally last between 2-3 years before they start failing. DC Jacks are one of the last systems that are involved with charging. When a dc jack is loose or its wiggling out of place you need to get the jack resoldered and placed correctly back on the motherboard.

Do not buy their software, it is a scam. 

Rogue antivirus software will act like the real thing and “find” viruses on the computer. In the end they just want your credit card information, so be careful. If you find yourself with popups and can not get rid of them, we recommend to run your antivirus software. If that still does not correct the issue, you might need to bring it in for repair.

A boot loop can happen for a variety of reasons.

A couple of the most common are failing memory, failing hard drive and virus infection. A blue screen right before the restart will help pinpoint the exact error. If you encounter this situation, we highly recommend to bring it in for a diagnostic to figure out the exact cause and repair options.

Speed issues are usually related to bottlenecks.

One of the most common bottlenecks is lack of ram. When you run out of ram memory the computer has to access the hard drive to create a virtual type of memory so that the programs can still function. When the computer is constantly accessing the hard drive it creates a huge bottleneck which can drastically slow the speed of your system.

The computer more than likely is not passing a POST test.

POST or Power On Self Test is a short set of tests that the computer runs before it displays anything on the screen. When one of the tests fail the computer will not display anything but send a code with the error to a port on the motherboard.

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