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Warning Signs of Phone Scams You Must Watch Out For


Although scams have evolved over the years in order to adapt to new technology, phone scams are still very much a reality today. In fact, according to a survey done by Truecaller and Harris, Americans collectively lost an astounding $17.6 million to phone scams in the past year. Breaking down...Read More »

Tips on Upgrading to Windows 10


Now is the time to upgrade to Windows 10. In July the free upgrade option will expire and if you wait until the last minute you may have trouble accessing the web site (causing more problems for you) for the download because EVERYBODY will be doing it!

But…before you start, do...Read More »

Is My Screen Cracked?

Cracked Laptop Display

You may find yourself wondering – is my laptop, tablet, or cellphone screen cracked or scratched or neither? Whichever way you look at it, this is an unfortunate scenario. The worst part is, you can never know for sure how to fix the problem until you...Read More »

All about our laptop sale service

laptops for sale

Over the years, we have made a name for ourselves when it comes to the repair of computers. We have handled all types of machines and solved all types of problems associated with performance, speed and spares. Our reputation as experts in these areas has grown over time, and as...Read More »

Care for Your Flash Drive Correctly and Get Years of Use


Flash drives can last a long time and are they are convenient, providing you care for them correctly, and use them correctly. Many people have not been informed as to how immediately a data loss can occur if a flash drive is not used properly, also, their design and construction...Read More »

Windows 10 - Time for an upgrade, or wait out the bugs?


As a business owner, or individual who uses their PC for work/leisure, Windows 10 is the latest version which has been produced by Microsoft. With this said, there are always a few kinks and bugs which have to be worked out with any new platform. And, Windows 10 is no...Read More »

Gaming PC - Liquid Cooling Pros & Cons


If you are looking for a method of cooling your gaming pc, liquid cooling might be the solution. With the unconventional CPU fan, your pc is not only extremely loud, but probably does not cool as much as it should, especially for regular gamers.

Liquid cooling systems do not have these...Read More »

The Financial And Time-Saving Benefits Of Looking For Laptop Deals Locally

laptop deals, computer, desktop, gaming

As a business owner, where you find laptop deals can have as much of an impact on the value that you get from these products as how much you pay for them. Although there are an infinite number of suppliers on the web and endless opportunities to save on essential...Read More »

Screen Repair Made Simple

screen repair, laptop repair, tablet repair, cracked screen

If you own a phone, tablet, or laptop then you know how frustrating it is to have a cracked or broken screen. Having to get a screen repaired is a daunting task. It is usually cheaper to repair the screen than to replace your entire phone or tablet. Finding a...Read More »

Phone Phishing, A 3 Point Strategy to Get YOU!


Here’s how it works
First they make a False claim – They call you and say something like, “Hi I’m from your computer company”, or “Hi I’m from your software company.” Well, I’m sorry to disappoint you but your software and computer company does not really have time...Read More »

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